Associative Video Clocks - As posted on YouTube. Best if viewed full screen

This is the USA clock. It is based on the contiguous United States. Each minute is associated with a degree of longitude and displays pictures of places along those longitude lines. It is an hour long. I enjoy telling time with it. Might be fun to skip around. Find your longitude.

The Hawaii clock follows a circuit around the Big Island of Hawaii roughly like an analog clock. It shows images along each of the 60 associated radii. It was hurriedly pulled together when I realized I had the means to run a real video clock. Needs work. Maybe another trip to Hawaii. Nice if you like pictures of Hawaii landscapes.

The 6 Trip or Travel Log clock is a personal clock based on 6 trips I took over a period of 11 years. Each trip is given 10 minutes and the pictures are in sequence within each trip. It’s basically a slide show of the 6 trips that’s exactly an hour long. The trips are Angkor Wat/Bali, Burma, Turkey, Bhutan, Vietnam/Laos, Spain/Portugal. Fun to watch if you enjoy looking at pictures from other people's travels.


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