Immediate Video Clocks - As posted on YouTube. Best if watched full screen

This is a video of random minutes from part of a video clock that is based on a recording of a clock with no hour hand. It's about 35 minutes long. The hour long version can be associated with any hour. It benefits from being watched full screen.

I'm now working on making one minute videos that would be put together to make hours. These would be non-hour specific so they can be used for any hour. Here are some of the latest minutes. 

This is an immediate clock based on exploring different, hopefully interesting, ways to show the time. Still needs work but can be fun to watch. It's an hour long.

Graphic Clocks Short. Here are some random graphic clocks from the android phone app along with more unpublished ones from the app. Also there are some animated graphic clock ideas using Photoshop.


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