World and USA Clocks show time based on longitude. The Hawai'i clock treats the Big Island as a distorted analog clock. The World/USA/Hawai’i Sampler shows some full minutes from these clocks.

I made the Hawai'i clock first by taking photos and some video myself around the Big island of Hawai'i. I was so excited by how well it worked that I made the USA clock as fast as I could using images pulled from the internet. Each of these was a single hour long with only one minute of pictures or video for each minute of the hour. My approach has changed now. Now I am focusing on creating multiple minutes with video for each minute of the hour, most of which are pulled from YouTube. I am working on coming up with a system that would allow me to notify YouTube posters that I have used some of their posts. Could be slow going.  If anyone does object to me using their videos, I will be happy to remove them.


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